General Article A message from British National Party leader Nick Griffin MEP

Topic Selected: Racism
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Fellow British Patriot

The BNP is a patriotic, democratic alternative to the old parties that have wrecked our great country.

Native British are now treated like second-class citizens in our own country, whilst asylum-seekers and immigrants are pushed to the front of the queue for housing, jobs and benefits.

Millions of our people are unemployed yet the politicians continue to allow foreign workers to flood into Britain, taking our jobs or claiming benefits, costing us billions of pounds.

While we struggle to pay the bills and live in fear of losing our jobs, the crooked politicians are fiddling their expenses and stealing taxpayers' money.

Whilst the politicians lavish billions on undeserving foreigners and mega-rich bankers, thousands of our pensioners freeze to death every winter, or are forced to eke out a miserable existence on tiny pensions.

Despite the huge sacrifice of millions of our war heroes to keep our country free and i

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