General Article A school is handing out metal spoons for girls ...

... to put in their underwear to prevent forced marriages

By Josh Barrie

A school is trying to combat forced marriages by giving students metal spoons to hide in their underwear. 

Pupils at the Co-operative Academy in Leeds are being urged to do so as the steel cutlery would trigger metal detectors at airports. 

It means children who fear they are being taken overseas to be married would be able to alert security staff privately. 


Trigger airport metal detectors 

Harinder Kaur, the school’s social, culture and ethos leader, said 80 per cent of forced marriages involving young people based in the UK happen during the summer holidays, and said the spoons could “save lives”. 

She told the BBC: ‘In the six-week holidays we know there is no contact between school and the family and families have that opportunity to go abroad, get their child married and come back,’ she said. 

‘It’s a way of making our children aware there is a safety net there.’

In total, 1,000 spoons were given out to...

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