General Article Aborted fetal tissue used in stem cell trial - no thank you

Topic Selected: Cloning and Stem Cells
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Just knocked down the league table of BBC news today following the announcement of Prince William’s wedding plans is the report of a stem cell trial in Glasgow, using fetal stem cells to treat a stroke victim (
It is always important to get straight to the heart of these stories and not worry if you do not have sufficient scientific knowledge to understand the minute details of what has happened. It’s the moral dilemma we have to grapple with.
The claim this time is that by multiplying stem cells from the brains of aborted fetuses and injecting these cells into the brains of patients who have suffered strokes, it may be possible to lessen the effects of the stroke. In the longer term the hope is to perhaps cure these patients.
This particular trial is not in itself aimed at an immediate cure, but is being carried out to assess whether the small dose of fetal brain stem cells initially injected into the patient will be accepted

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