Anxiety treatments

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Self-help resources

A self-help resource might be the first treatment option your doctor offers you. This is because it’s available quite quickly, and there’s a chance it could help you to feel better without needing to try other options.

Self-help could be delivered through:

  • Workbooks. For example, your GP might recommend particular titles from a scheme called Reading Well Books on Prescription. This scheme is supported by most local libraries, so you can go and check the books out for free – you don’t actually need a prescription from a doctor. 
  • A computer-based CBT program for treating anxiety, panic and phobias, such as FearFighter. FearFighter costs money if you use it privately, but in some areas it’s free to use on the NHS with a referral from your GP. 

You might be offered a resource to work through your own, or on a course with other people who experience similar difficulties.

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