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‘Our daughter changed forever when she was just 13. She had always been a rather quiet child, and we were very family orientated. We worked hard to cultivate family values and taught our children to respect them.

But one day we received a call from her school. They were concerned because Kitty had started hanging around with a certain group of girls. We were advised that these girls could be a bad influence. We spoke to our daughter, but because she did not form friendships easily and was naturally shy, she was not dissuaded from parting with her new gang of friends. When we invited these girls round for tea, she told us that she had to go to their houses, as their mothers worked in the evenings and they had younger siblings.

As she turned 14, Kitty started to go to the cinema or on shopping trips at the weekend – all normal teenage activities. When the school told us she had been missing the odd lesson, she swore to us she only ever missed PE. But the al

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