Decline in mid-wage jobs

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A rapid decline in mid-wage jobs is forcing many people to compete for low-wage work, risking waning social mobility as workers often get stuck on low salaries, according to a report published by The Work Foundation tomorrow (15 July). Mid-wage workers who were once employed in, for example, office administration or factory assembly roles, are being left with little option but to take on lower-waged, lower-skilled work as domestic cleaners, food service handlers or customer service advisors.
Tonight (14 July), Channel 4 News will air a special report on the research. They spoke to a number of people feeling the effects of this shift in the labour market including Phillip, who once worked in manufacturing. He is worried about the implications of taking an unskilled job and feels people will look at him and say, ‘You have been pushing trolleys – why does that qualify you to do this skilled job?’ In another interview, Will, a trained engineer who now works as a sch

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