General Article Ethical and Sustainable Trends 2019

Topic Selected: Consumerism

by Sian Conway

2018 felt like the first year where ethical living really went mainstream. Major fashion magazine Elle dedicated their most important issue of the year, the September Issue, to sustainable fashion, and issues from plastic pollution to palm oil have dominated the news headlines.

Last year I made my predictions for the ethical and  sustainable trends to watch in 2018, including plastic pollution, the rise of veganism, major growth in ethical fashion and a bigger push against climate change.

After reviewing the data from 2018, it’s clear that significant progress was made in all of these areas, but these issues aren’t going away any time soon.

Keeping up to speed with the latest consumer and market trends is essential for any business wanting to thrive in their industry, and understanding the influencing factors behind customer behaviour can help identify new opportunities.

So what ethical and sustainable trends can w

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