General Article Feelings after pregnancy loss

Reading how other people have felt may help you feel less alone. You will almost certainly find that some people have had similar feelings to yours, and that can be reassuring.

But the experience of miscarriage is different for everyone. What the loss of your baby means to you, and how you feel about it, will be shaped by all kinds of things to do with the person you are and your particular circumstances. So, although you will probably find you share a lot with others, it’s important to remember that no one else’s experience of miscarriage will be exactly like yours.

Here is what some people have said:

“I’ve never cried so much in my whole life. I was walking about with an empty feeling where I should have been holding my baby.”

“I keep on thinking it’s a punishment.

I must have done something wrong.”

“I’ve got such a mad mixture of emotions – grief, guilt, anger, fear but als

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