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The problem

We’ve lost touch with our roots

The UK was the first country in the world to industrialise so our families began to leave rural areas around 250 years ago to work in factories in towns and cities. Only around one in a 100 jobs are now on farms and, for most of us, neither our grandparents nor even great-grandparents were farmers. This means that most of us know very little about how our food is grown, what food is in season when, or even what fresh food – straight from the farm – tastes like. In 2010, yet another survey showed the extent of our ignorance by revealing that one in four children think the contents of a bacon sandwich come from a sheep! Cooking is not compulsory in all schools and in many homes parents are not able to teach their children to prepare healthy meals, either.

The power of the big supermarkets

Without first-hand experience of growing and cooking food, we often have to rely on what the food indus

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