General Article Harrowing journeys

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Key Findings

Adolescents and youth on the move along the Central Mediterranean route (CMR) and the Eastern Mediterranean route (EMR) contend with high levels of abuse, exploitation and discrimination. The risks are much higher on the CMR and are especially acute for some young migrants and refugees:

UNICEF Agenda for Action

UNICEF is calling for a six-point plan to keep refugee and migrant children safe.

Refugee and migrant children are extremely vulnerable to violence and abuse, and to being preyed upon by smugglers and even enslaved by traffickers

UNICEF calls for increasing safe and legal channels for children to migrate and to seek refuge. Cracking down on trafficking, strengthening child protection systems and expanding access to information and assistance can help keep children safe. Children and families should never be returned to face persecution or life-threatening danger in their countries of origin.

Many refugee and migrant children miss out on an education – and many la...

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