Heads or tails?

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What young people are telling us about SRE.

SRE is slowly improving

The survey included the question ‘Please give a rating for your school SRE as a whole’

  • 22% of respondents rated their school SRE overall as either “bad” or “very bad”.
  • Just 10% rated it as “very good”.

However, male respondents were more likely than female respondents to rate their school SRE as “good” (29%) or “very good” (15%). Respondents identifying as trans, non-binary or other were least likely to rate their SRE as “good” or “very good”; 84% of these respondents rated their school SRE as “OK”, “bad” or “very bad”.

“In the past years in school I have never had SRE” (Male, 13 years old)

“Sex was still regarded as a taboo subject and the teachers seemed uncomfortable talking about it. The whole conc

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