General Article How bad is social media for your mental health?

Topic Selected: Depression
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In-depth studies link sites such a Facebook with depression but some say they also have benefits.

The negative effects of social media have been well documented, with Facebook executives even admitting in a recent blog post that the platform may pose a risk to users’ emotional well-being.

But while some studies have linked prolonged social media use with symptoms of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, others suggest it can also provide significant benefits.

Amid all the conflicting research, The Week looks at whether the emotional risks of digital technologies outweigh the rewards.

The negative effects

A number of studies have found an association between social media use and depression, anxiety, sleep problems, eating issues, and increased suicide risk, warn researchers from the University of Melbourne’s National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, in an article on The Conversation.

A survey of young people conducted by the London-based Royal Society for Public Health...

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