General Article How do disabled people become disadvantaged ...

Topic Selected: Disabilities the way things are ‘normally’ done, and what will help things to change?


What is the problem?

Disabled people, with different impairments, are often disadvantaged or excluded, because of the way things are done. People trying to change things can feel powerless and trapped within existing systems, cultures and ways of doing things. The child protection system was recently described by one disabled parent as a “conveyor belt” that just moved them along without accounting for their support needs. There are frequently examples in the media about how disabled people are disadvantaged within the workplace or in their own communities. Health services are meant to be universal and equitable. However, because of the way things are routinely done, a person with learning disabilities or mental health problems might not be given time, communication support or even life-saving treatment. People with dementia who have to go into hos

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