General Article 'If anything, this milk will be better quality'

Topic Selected: Cloning and Stem Cells
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By Tim Black

Following an article published in the New York Times on Friday, in which a UK-based dairy farmer admitted that his farm has been ‘using milk from a cow bred from a clone as part of his daily production’, the British media gradually picked up the bovine scent. Come Monday morning, the Daily Mail clearly felt it had a man-bites-dog sensation on its hands. ‘Clone farm’s milk is on sale’, screamed its front page. While other media outlets have not been quite as titillated by this story of cows-make-milk as the Mail has been, it has still been causing a bit of a stir.
All of which is a little puzzling given that it’s difficult to work out what exactly the problem with this cloned cow’s offspring’s milk actually is. As Dr Robin Lovell-Badge, head of developmental genetics at the UK National Institute for Medical Research, told spiked, ‘One could argue that the milk from these cows is, if anything, actually

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