General Article Know your rights: An A - Z for sex workers

Topic Selected: The Sex Trade
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We are a network of women who work or have worked in different areas of the sex industry – both on the streets and indoors.

Since 1975, we have been campaigning for decriminalisation and safety of sex workers. We help sex workers defend themselves against criminal charges and have won precedent legal cases like the first private prosecution for rape in England which put a serial rapist behind bars. We fight against having a criminal record which prevents us getting other jobs. And we fight for housing, higher benefits and wages so that any of us can leave prostitution if and when we want.

If you need our support or want to support our work please get in touch. You can also help by donating: by cheque or through our website. The prostitution laws are so unjust and devious that it is essential that sex workers, no matter where we work, know the law, how to protect ourselves from arrest, how to defend ourselves if charged and where to get help. The public also nee

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