Leave no trace: how to travel responsibly

Topic Selected: Travel and Tourism

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By Oliver Haenlein


A more sustainable tourism industry is imperative for the planet’s future health. As it stands, we are depleting the very resources we promote. Irresponsible tourism is damaging both natural resources and social systems, while air travel and energy and water usage have a large footprint.

Dr Sonya Graci, director of sustainability solutions business, Accommodating Green, told Salt: “Tourism cannot sustain itself in its current form for much longer. Destinations are losing the resources people are attracted to; beaches are disappearing, wildlife is dying, the oceans are becoming barren. The status quo cannot be sustained.

“The impact of travel on the social, environmental and economic aspects of a community can be extremely detrimental: 15,000 cubic metres of water would typically supply 100 rural farmers for three years or 100 urban families for two years, and yet the same amount only provides 10

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