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Topic Selected: Cloning and Stem Cells
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Despite the Food Standards Agency claiming that meat and milk from cloned animals is ‘hypothetically safe’, they admit that: ‘the current evidence on the composition of meat and milk is relatively limited, and further evidence is required on how the rearing of animals in different environments may affect the meat and milk’.
In addition, there is ‘no data on the composition of meat or milk obtained from the descendants of cloned cattle’.1
It is not good enough to say that the meat and milk from cloned animals is ‘unlikely’ to pose a food safety risk. There are insufficient long-term studies into the impacts of cloned foodstuffs on human health. At present it is impossible to say whether or not we are breeding genetic weaknesses into our food supply.
The FSA should take note of the high level of international concern about this damaging new technology. The FSA paper highlights that: ‘there has been little significant consu

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