New packets could use nano-tech to tell you when your food is about to go off

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Prevent that dreaded moment when it’s too late.

By Sophie Gallagher

There is nothing more annoying than making the perfect cup of tea, only to take a mouthful and discover your milk has spoiled.

And as people who seem unable to sufficiently organise a fridge to stop this happening on a fairly regular basis, we could really do with some assistance.

Now plans for nanotechnology to be integrated into food packaging could help stop this, and help with other first-world problems, such as our wine being the wrong temperature to drink.

The groundbreaking tech, from researchers at Trinity College Dublin, integrates 2D printing with new nano-materials, such as graphene, phosphorene and molybdenite to create nanosheets.

These printed sheets could then have electrical functionality such as a countdown clock for your food’s use-by date that then sends a text message to your phone to remind you to go to the shop.

Professor Jonathan

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