General Article One million disabled people blocked from work, finds CSJ

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According to a new report by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), one million disabled people who are currently out of work want to find employment, but are blocked from doing so.

Under 48 per cent of people with disabilities are employed, compared to 80 per cent of non-disabled people.

Out-of-work benefits for disabled people cost £19 billion a year, while the Exchequer loses £21 billion–£29 billion a year in foregone tax and national insurance revenue due to health-related joblessness.

Chief Executive of the CSJ, Andy Cook, commented:

“The disability employment gap is a social justice issue. Despite having one of the most robust and flexible labour markets in the world, millions of disabled people in the UK are not able to enjoy the financial, health and emotional gains associated with employment.

“By letting this happen, we are undermining our economy and we are shredding the social fabric of our society.

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