Overview of the UK population

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November 2015 release.

How many people are there in the UK and how does this change over time?

The UK population grew to an estimated 64.6 million in 2014, its highest ever value. This represents an increase of almost half a million people from 2013 according to the most recent population estimates. Please note that the population statistics used in this story are mid-year estimates unless otherwise stated.

Population projections are also available which show how the population would change in future years if recent demographic trends were to continue.

UK population estimates and annual growth rates, 1960s to 2020s

Following the relatively high growth in the UK population during the 1960s (the annual growth rate was 0.61% of the UK population), a result of the 1960s’ baby boom, population growth slowed during the 1970s and the UK population actually fell between 1975 and 1978. In the 1980s, the UK population grew again (with the excepti

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