General Article Should we panic about pornography?

Topic Selected: The Sex Trade
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For years, concern has been increasing about the sexualisation of society and its negative effect on children and young people, but this perception may not be completely true. Research and evidence on the matter is insufficient and the views of young people have not been taken into account.

The definition of sexualisation seemingly incorporates everything from make-up and padded bras for girls aged eight and under to lads’ mags, sexy music videos and erotic fiction. It even extends to hard-core pornography. Despite calls from children’s charity the NSPCC to develop a tighter definition, consensus has still not been reached. The result is a moral panic about children and young people being sexualised by the media, but without a clear definition of what sexualisation actually is.

The Government has ordered two reviews of sexualisation in the past two years, but the latest version excluded sex and relationships education from its recommendations. And the Gov

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