General Article Tackling inequality is key to improving social mobility, Mr Clegg

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Today, Nick Clegg launches a Royal Commission on social mobility. There are a number of reasons to celebrate this.
Firstly, because it is necessary. The UK has one of the lowest rates of social mobility in the developed world. This is a tragedy for those ‘trapped at the bottom’, but also for the rest of us who will not benefit from the contribution of those who never get to become the innovators, teachers, entrepreneurs or surgeons that they could have been.
Secondly, because Nick Clegg is proposing the adoption of social mobility indicators, which include measures – such as birth weight and the proportion of former state school pupils in top universities – that are of real importance in a civilised and productive society.
Also welcome is the commitment to address the growing injustice of unpaid internships, with an indication that companies which continue this practice may ‘risk a legal challenge under the national minimum wage legislation&rsq

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