Young people’s experiences with in-app purchases

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An online survey of over 1,000 young people aged 11 to 18 explores young people’s experiences with in-app purchases, finding that over one in ten respondents had accidentally spent money on an in-app purchase.


Smartphones are the most popular device among 11-18s

Smartphones emerged as the most popular device when respondents aged 11–18 years were asked which devices they use on a weekly basis. 82% of 11–18-year-old respondents said that they used a smartphone on a weekly basis, compared to 9% who said they use a normal mobile on a weekly basis. Other popular devices include tablets (61%), laptops (58%), gaming devices (46%), computers (43%) and smart TVs (37%). Just 1.3% said they don’t use any of these devices on a weekly basis.


Young people’s use of apps

Downloading apps emerged as a common experience among 11–18-year-old respondents, with 95% saying they had downloaded an app. Spendi

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