Young victims of crime: understanding the support you should get

Topic Selected: Crime and Justice

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If you’re a victim of crime, support and information is available to help you get through it.


The Victims’ Code is a Government document that tells you what support and information victims of crime in England and Wales should get from criminal justice agencies. These are organisations like the police and the courts. The Victims’ Code has a special section for people who are under 18 because they should get extra support.


Telling the police about the crime

You can tell the police about a crime by phone, online or by going to the police station. The police should give you information so you know what happens after you’ve told them about the crime and what support you should get next.

Unless you say you don’t want this, the police will give your contact details to a charity that gives help to victims. Someone from the charity will get in touch with you to offer their help or supp

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