General Article Meet the men standing against child marriage

Kuuntunna is a farmer who has many dreams for his seven-year-old daughter. None of them involves seeing her become a child bride. Yet he fears this chilling prospect because he lives in a part of Ghana where many girls are abducted and forced into child marriage. Poverty and patriarchy drive the problem.  But men can also be part of the solution. Meet four men who are standing with local women and ActionAid to tackle child marriage in northern Ghana.


The dad standing against child marriage

Sitting on the dusty porch of his daughter’s school, Kuuntunna describes his hopes for her future.

‘I wish that Porshia grows up to be a nurse or a teacher,’ he said. ‘I’m so happy that she goes to school, because I didn’t go to school. So I wish that one day she grows up to be somebody more important than me.’

But Kuuntunna, who grows millet and guinea corn for a living, fears that Porshia’s potential could be cut short by child marriage.

The family lives in the Upper West region of Ghana, wher...

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