Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Here are answers to some of the most common queries we receive. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at or by phoning (01223) 550801.

There are several different login options for accessing Issues Online to allow you to make accessing the website as easy as possible for your users:

Username and password – You can change your username to something more memorable if desired, but you must keep the unique password we assign to you. If you would like to change your username, please contact us.

VLE link – We can provide you with a moodle link to put on your VLE or Blackboard. Users can then simply click on this link to gain direct access to Issues Online.

IP address recognition – If you contact us with your IP range, we can set up your Issues Online account so that computers within your network will log on to the website automatically. If you do not know your IP range, please speak to your institution's ICT co-ordinator.

Shibboleth – If your institution subscribes to Shibboleth, users can gain access via this system. Please note that this access method incurs a small fee of £5 per term (£15 for a year).

Library access – Library users can access Issues Online by inputting the barcode number from their library card. Contact us to arrange this access method.

Remember, staff and students can access Issues Online 24/7, on computers, mobiles and tablets!

If you have a 'department' / 40-user license, 40 students can log in to Issues Online at a time. If a user leaves the website unattended for 15 minutes, then they will be automatically logged out to allow other students access to the service.

If you have and 'individual' / single-user license, just 1 user can log in.

Licensing regulations are slightly different for public libraries - please contact Independence to find out more.

Yes, students can log in at home with a username and password, via a moodle link or using Shibboleth.

A PDF version of the updated Issues index is provided in the librarians resource section at the start of each term for librarians or teachers to download for free. Please note: the Issues index is for use with the hard copy Issues books, not with Issues Online.

If you would like more Issues Online posters to put on display, please contact us. These posters list the topic categories available online and provide space to write in your username and password

Contact us to request additional A2 posters to help you promote the Issues books. Alternatively, the librarians resource section will allow you to download a poster which lists all the books in the Issues series.

You can email us at or you can use our online feedback form. We are always keen to receive feedback from customers about our products.

Some articles which are included in the Issues series cannot be reproduced on the Issues Online website due to copyright restrictions. Generally, the copyright on these articles is owned by major national newspapers. The originals can usually be found by searching the newspaper's online article archive.

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