Educational Resources on Relationships

What does Relationships cover?

We cover many topics including the different definitions of family, family dynamics, parenting, gender stereotyping, and domestic abuse.

We also cover Relationships and sex education (RSE) where we explore issues around gender and sexuality, online relationships, relationship values, consent and sexual health

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Why is teaching and learning about RSE important?

RSE is a key area of PSHE. It focuses on the myriad emotional, social and physical challenges that children and young people face as they grow up. Teaching students about engaging in sex, looking after their sexual health, how to recognise unhealthy relationships and behaviours and how to maintain safe on and offline relationships will develop their confidence and help them thrive on their journey to adulthood.

How can Issues Online Family and Relationships teaching resources be used?

Our resources can be accessed online by schools colleges and libraries by teachers, students and parents to help support learning in the classroom and at home.

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