Educational Resources on Economics and Welfare

What do our Economics and Welfare resources cover?

Economics and Welfare is a huge subject area. We look at Business, Consumerism, Poverty,  Class and Social mobility, Globalisation and Homelessness - to name but a few of the related topics our resources cover.

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Why is teaching about Economics and Welfare important?

Teaching about Economics and Welfare helps students gain a basic understanding of how resources are allocated in society, in government, in households and in businesses. Pupils get the opportunity to learn about employment, managing personal finances, debt, assessing the cost-benefit ratios when making financial decisions,  and how their choices as consumers can affect local and global economies and communities.

How can Issues Online resources be used?

Our educational resources can be used to support classroom-based or independent home study. We provide a wide variety of learning materials from newspaper articles, infographics, academic research, government reports, surveys and statistics.

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