Educational Resources on Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking & Vaping

These resources about alcohol, drugs, smoking & vaping aim to provide a comprehensive and balanced overview of the current trends around alcohol and drug use, smoking and vaping, particularly among young people. Statistics show a steady decline in risky behaviours such as smoking, illicit drug use and underage drinking but education on these subjects is still hugely important.

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What do our Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking & Vaping resources cover?

Our drugs and alcohol teaching resources explore many topics surrounding this issue, including the long and short-term effects of drugs and alcohol on our physical and mental health, ‘legal highs’, addiction, treatment, government policy and the law.

Why is teaching about Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking & Vaping important?

Supporting an honest and accurate dialogue about drugs and alcohol in the classroom is vital. It equips young people with the tools and confidence to cope with situations where they may feel under pressure, either from peers or other social influences.

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