Educational Resources on Citizenship and Participation

What is Citizenship and Participation?

Citizenship and Participation is a multi-layered concept that varies in meaning across the world. The most common understanding of the concept today is the notion of identity, belonging and responsibility in relation to the community in which we live. Individuals are deemed ‘good citizens’ if they play a productive and active role in society. In return for this contribution, there is an expectation that society will protect their rights and interests.

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Why is Citizenship and Participation important?

Understanding who we are and where we fit in the world is a basic need for human beings. With global migration at an all-time high, educating young people about citizenship and participation and what it means is essential to promoting awareness, tolerance and acceptance within society.

What do our resources cover?

Our Citizenship teaching resources cover a wide range of topics including; Citizenship in the UK, Active Citizenship, National Identity, Immigration and Integration, Monarchy, Parliament, European Union and many more.

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