Educational Resources on Environmental and Global Issues

What are Environmental and Global Issues? 

Environmental and Global issues are the man-made problems negatively affecting our planet and its future. Processes such as waste disposal, pollution, overpopulation, deforestation and global warming are said to be just some of the contributing factors proving detrimental to life on earth.

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Why is teaching about Environmental and Global Issues important?

Environmental and Global issues are of great concern to children and young people today, with many of them feeling pessimistic about the future. Exploring these topics helps pupils develop a greater understanding of how small actions – negative AND positive - can have a global impact. Discussion around this complex notion can help students feel more hopeful and encouraged to contribute to positive change.

What do our resources cover?

We have many resources related to or linking directly to this subject, such as climate change, population and migration, globalisation, refugees, endangered and extinct species, environment and sustainability and waste and recycling.

How can our Environmental and Global Issues be used?

Access our online resources at school, at the library or at home and discover a range of up-to-date materials to support your studies. We include government reports, statistics, infographics, surveys, academic research, newspaper articles and blog posts from a variety of sources.

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