Educational Resources on Science and Health

What do our Science and Health resources cover?

Looking at academic research, government reports and the latest available statistics we cover a wide selection of topics that fall under the science and health category. We explore cloning and stem cell technology, fertility and reproduction, biotechnology and GM, AIDS and HIV, fitness, dietary choices, adolescent health, sexual health, mental health and many more associated subject areas.

Explore our Science and Health topics: 

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Why is teaching about Science and Health important?

Teaching science and health is important as it promotes pupils’ general wellbeing and teaches them to make healthy, informed and positive choices throughout their lifetime. Encouraging discussion around the more sensitive issues such as sexual health and mental health motivates students to maintain their health, prevent disease and reduce risky behaviours.

How can Issues Online resources be used?

Our resources can be used for classroom-based assignments or for independent study at home. Our content can signpost and encourage further reading around topics.

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