What is Issues Online?

Issues Online is an interactive resource containing articles, infographics and information on hundreds of important topics.

Our editors work with organisations like the NSPCC, Amnesty International and NHS Choices to select the most up-to-date information and resources.

We use images, graphs, infographics, videos and glossaries to help students and teachers digest information.

Subscribers have 24-hour access to our entire collection, including our fantastic Issues eBook library.

Teachers use Issues Online to prepare for assemblies, tutor time and classes.

Parents use Issues Online to help them discuss topics at home.

Students use Issues Online to conduct their own research and think critically about sources and information.

Issues Online is used by schools, colleges and libraries in subjects such as PSHE, Citizenship, Religious Education, English and Social Studies.

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Company history

Cambridge-based Independence Educational Publishers have been creating outstanding resources for 25 years. Starting with the revolutionary Issues for the Nineties series in 1990, and growing to produce the Issues and Issues Today series and the web-based Issues Online. Independence is now a part of Cambridge Media Group and is growing year-on-year to provide services to over 1,000 schools nationwide.

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