Parents are fibbing about cooking for their children, exclusive new research reveals

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Nearly a fifth of mums and dads are feeling the pressure about feeding their kids.

By Sarah Ann Harris

Parents are lying about what they cook for their children because they feel guilty about their kids’ meals, worrying new research reveals today.

Nearly a fifth (18%) of mums and dads have fibbed about what they make for their children’s meals, a new study conducted by YouGov for The Huffington Post UK shows.

The exclusive poll, released as part of HuffPost UK’s month-long project, Thriving Families, reveals that 43% of parents feel under pressure to cook healthily for their children – and

almost one in ten said they lied about what they made because they knew they should be making healthier meals.

Almost 40% also said they felt pushed to be more adventurous with their food choices.

Jamie Oliver, who is guest-editing HuffPost UK for the launch of Thriving Families, said: “The results mean we still hav

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