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Stop smoking and reap the financial and health benefits for years to come, as our three ex-smokers have found.


How quitting gave Allen more time with his family

Before he quit smoking, Allen Champion, 53, from Cambridge, was doing two part-time jobs as a taxi driver and a bus driver, on top of his full-time role as a Park and Ride site coordinator, just to sustain his 50-a-day addiction.

Allen has now packed in smoking, and given up both of his extra jobs, giving him more family time.

“My daughter Roxanne was delighted when I quit,” says Allen. “Even from an early age, she’d complained about my smoking.” Roxanne was over the moon when, on 26 December 2009, Allen reached a year of not smoking, and now the day serves as an annual reminder of his achievement. “She has a big grin on her face every Boxing Day,” he says.

Allen now classes himself as a non-smoker. “It’s made a huge

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