The Azure payment card

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An extract from The Humanitarian Cost of a Cashless System.

By Carnet, P., Blanchard, C., Ellis, J. (2014). 

The British Red Cross has a long tradition of providing practical and emotional support to vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers across the UK, including those refused asylum. Section 4 support is given to refused asylum seekers who are destitute and have agreed to return to their country of origin, but cannot return immediately due to circumstances beyond their control. It can also be given on human rights grounds if these refused and destitute asylum seekers have further submissions under consideration.

People on section 4 support have no access to cash. The support consists of accommodation, on a no-choice basis, and £35.39 a week via the Azure payment card. The card is only accepted by a few retailers and can only buy food, essential toiletries, clothing and credit for mobile phones.

The card cannot be used for travel or for ite

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