‘Everywhere around us was war’

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The space around Nejebar’s home is immaculate. A rug has been laid across the table and Nejebar straightens it out as we take our place there. It’s late in the afternoon and the noises of the camp have given way to a quiet calmness. It strikes me that Nejebar has taken control of her family’s situation here. There’s a strength and steadiness about her. Her husband, Noor, looks a little disorientated by the experience.

The family is from Herat in Afghanistan. They tell of a traumatic experience in their homeland, which led them to flee.

“The only reason we left is because of the war. When we were there, every moment we were just trying to protect our children. Everywhere around us was war. There were people around us who died. The situation was very bad. We didn’t come here for no reason”

“My husband was working for the government and the Taliban was announcing that they were going to kill anybody who worked for the

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