General Article ‘Generation fairtrade’: UK teens want businesses to act more responsibly

Topic Selected: Globalisation
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UK teens care about global issues and want businesses to act more ethically.


UK teenagers are not the apathetic, self-interested generation they’re often portrayed as – they care about global issues, want businesses to act more ethically, and are willing to take action to bring about change, according to a survey commissioned by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Dubbed ‘Generation Fairtrade’ – because they have grown up with the FAIRTRADE Mark, which turns 20 this week – more than eight in 10 of the UK teens surveyed (82%) said they think companies need to act more responsibly, but fewer than half (45%) said they trust companies to behave ethically.

Just one in ten believe governments and companies will improve conditions in the future, to the extent that the Fairtrade movement will no longer be needed. Calling on Fairtrade to “bring more brands under [its] influence”, a 17-year-old from East Midlands added

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