Should I go to university or do an apprenticeship?

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Deciding what to do after you finish your A-levels is a big decision. You might be asking yourself, “do I enter the world of work with an apprenticeship, or should I go to university?” 

The degree versus apprenticeship debate is long-running and choosing your next educational move requires careful consideration. Higher education continues to be a popular option despite the rise in tuition fees, with an all-time high of 241,585 18-year-olds across the UK accepted onto degree courses in 2017.

However, attitudes to apprenticeships have also evolved and they are now recognised as an equal alternative to university. Since 2014, 56,200 workers have enrolled on higher and degree apprenticeships, studying a range of qualifications from foundation degree level to full Masters.

The main benefits of each option can be summarised as follows:

Going to university – you’ll be able to pick from thousands of courses, a degree will leave your c

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