£1.3 million Government pledge to protect our most endangered species

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£1.3 million is being invested in a range of projects dedicated to protecting some of the world’s most endangered and best-loved species, Environment Minister Richard Benyon announced today.

From supporting efforts to stamp out the barbaric trade in rhino horn to preserving habitats for fast-disappearing wild tigers, this new fund cements the UK’s commitment to leading the way in international conservation.

Environment Minister Richard Benyon said:

‘Global action must be taken before these species are wiped out for good. Tigers, rhinos, elephants and apes are much loved animals that some of us take for granted. Yet many are suffering horrific deaths at the hands of poachers and traffickers or because their habitats are being destroyed.

‘It would be a travesty if these animals were allowed to disappear forever, which is why the UK Government is committed to leading the way in supporting such vital international conservatio

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