General Article 'Myths' threaten racial harmony

Topic Selected: Racism
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Using previously unpublished evidence, Professor Ludi Simpson and Dr Nissa Finney from the University of Manchester show how repeated falsehoods about immigration, integration and segregation are misguiding policy and promoting racial disharmony.
This is the basis of the authors’ new book, Sleepwalking to segregation? Challenging myths about race and migration, published today by The Policy Press.
After years of investigation, the Manchester pair have found no evidence ‘whatsoever’ for the existence of race ghettos in the UK. In fact the opposite is true, with increasing ethnic mixing.
And claims by head of equalities watchdog the Equality and Human Rights Commission Trevor Phillips that Britain is ‘sleepwalking’ into racial and religious segregation are also dismissed in the book.
According to the academics’ review of evidence, white flight is no greater than brown or black flight. And there is white movement into minority concentrations in Leicester, Bradford, Lambeth, Wolverhampton, ...

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