General Article Accessibility and disability: facts and figures

Topic Selected: Disabilities Book Volume: 393

Research and statistics into disability, accessibility and the spending power of disabled people.


By Elisabeth Ward

  • We often use lots of statistics from Scope and other research to help us show
  • why accessibility is important
  • how it affects disabled people
  • the barriers disabled people face

But it can be a lot of work to collect that information together. Where do you start looking? We want to make it easy to share stats that will:

  • explain why your organisation needs to do accessibility
  • show how many of your potential customers might be disabled
  • help us raise awareness about accessibility

We’ve collected together what we think are important and useful statistics. You can share them with your colleagues, clients, customers and anyone else you think they can support.

Our disabled population

Here are some statistics on how many people are disabled in the UK:

  • 14.1 million disabled people, that’s 1 in 5 people
  • 19% of working age adults are disabled
  • 44% of pension age adults are disa...

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