General Article Consumer rights

Topic Selected: Consumerism Book Volume: 414

When you buy goods or services as a consumer you have certain rights that protect you in the event that there is something wrong. Make sure you understand your rights as a consumer. 

By Millie Johnson

Who is covered?

Consumer rights are only given to consumers. A consumer is someone who purchases goods or services for personal use (ie a private individual buying goods/services for their own personal use). These rights do not apply to businesses or individuals who purchase goods or services on behalf of a business.

What is covered?

These rights apply to any goods or services you buy. Goods can be anything tangible such as a t-shirt, a kettle, a car, second-hand items or goods bought online. 

Digital content is covered by consumer rights and can include computer games, films, music, ebooks or mobile apps. However, the rules on digital content are slightly different and complex. For more information, read Consumer rights when purchasing digital content.

Consumer rights apply to any ser...

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