General Article Coping with exam stress

Topic Selected: Student Choices Book Volume: 403

Why am I so stressed by exams?

Exam stress could be caused by:

  • Pressure from parents and relatives to do well
  • The need to get high grades to get on track for the career you really want
  • Uncertainty about what to do next – ‘There are so many options, what if I make the wrong choice?’
  • The feeling of everything changing in your life – you have moved away to university or going to new college for example.

These fears and concerns are completely natural – your mates are probably feeling exactly the same, whether they let on or not. If these anxieties start to overwhelm you, don’t worry – there are things you can do to help look after your mental health.

What is stress?

Stress is the reaction people have to excessive demands or pressures. It’s very common to feel stressed around exam time. You might feel there’s a huge amount of pressure to do well, or anxious you can’t fit all the revision in. The build-up to results day can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and run down. Read our guid...

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