General Article What is globalisation?

Topic Selected: Globalisation Book Volume: 416

So, to call a spade a spade, here is globalisation laid bare: it is a juggernaut economic system brought about by governments’ international deregulation of trade and finance. This lack of restrictions has enabled businesses and banks to expand and function globally, unhindered by borders – or even, say, laws – and resulted in a single world market; one controlled by transnational corporations rather than by local economies and communities, who nonetheless happen to provide its labour force. Still buying It?

This economy is the unstable and unsustainable culmination of a long-standing ideal held in western Europe for the past 500 years, later encapsulated by the American Dream during the 20th Century. Dream, however, being the operative word, as its lofty aims for an ever bigger, better, brighter future (i.e., economic abundance for all) cannot abide by our planet’s reality and all the unshakeable limitations which are inherent to life on Earth.

Instead, globalisation tries to bend ...

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