General Article 10 MEGA MYTHS about sex

Topic Selected: Sexual Health Book Volume: 379

There are lots of things said about sex that aren’t really true.

1. Real life sex  is like pornography

Not true: People taking part in most pornography are paid actors and they’re doing things to entertain the people watching it.

Often, the things that happen all the time in porn aren’t really common in everyday sex, but watching lots of porn can make people believe they are.

The way porn stars look is often very different to real life too.

2. Everyone is having sex

Not true: The decision to have sex is not about what other people are doing. Having sex is a personal choice and just because you have done it before, doesn’t mean you have to do it again.

If you don’t feel ready, you’re not ready. You may not feel ready until you meet someone you trust and are comfortable with, and it’s the next step in your relationship at a time that’s right for

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