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Coming out is the terminology used to describe the process of sharing your sexuality/gender identity with the world. Many LGBTQ+ members struggle with sharing these personal details due to it being a sensitive topic. 

Without knowing how friends/family will react to the news we’re LGBTQ+, this uncertainty leaves us feeling anxious and frankly terrified to share the news… we’re not straight. Speaking from my own personal experiences, my family/friends reacted positively and it was amazing to be accepted. But prior to this I still felt all of these emotions. So here are some tips on how to come out to your friends and family.

1. Be patient

What’s so important is to be patient with yourself and others. Right now, you may be feeling so many emotions you may not truly understand what’s going on. Sometimes we need time to process our emotions and come to terms with what’s actually happening.

If you’re not 100% or are confused, then don’t panic. Be patient and reach out to fellow LGBTQ+ me...

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