General Article 17.5 million people now impacted by the housing emergency

Topic Selected: Housing Book Volume: 396


Race, disability, sexuality and socio-economic status all barriers in the fight for a safe home

One in three adults in Britain (34%) are now impacted by the housing emergency, ground-breaking new research from Shelter shows today. 

The charity questioned 13,000 people in detail about their home and housing experiences. This research has been combined with the latest government data on homelessness to expose the true extent of the housing emergency. Shockingly, when children are factored into the results, the number of people affected by Britain’s housing emergency rises to 22 million.

Shelter’s findings, published in its report, ‘Denied the Right to a Safe Home’, reveal not only the scale of the housing emergency, but also the gross inequality in the housing system:

Race: Black people are 70% more likely to be impacted by the emergency than White people; and Asian people are 50% more likely. 1m Black adults (57%) and 1.8m Asian adults (48%) do not have a safe or secure home compar...

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