General Article 26 weird early pregnancy symptoms

Topic Selected: Pregnancy Book Volume: 394

By Vicky Smith

How early can you really tell if you are pregnant?

If you have been trying to conceive then you are probably finding that the wait from ovulation to positive pregnancy test feels like an absolute lifetime. 

There’s nothing quite so addictive when you want to fall pregnant than looking for symptoms everywhere.

Was that a twinge? Are my boobs bigger? Is this a period or implantation bleeding?

You could drive yourself a little crazy. Many women experience absolutely no early pregnancy symptoms at all. For some ladies, their body just doesn’t react strongly to the pregnancy at first. They don’t feel any different, so they just carry on, assuming their period will arrive on schedule in the next few days. 

How soon can you tell if you are pregnant

The best way to confirm you are pregnant is with a positive pregnancy test!

There are various different types you can try, from simple strips that show up with a line to a digital display that shows ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ to...

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