General Article 31 Facts you wish you didn’t know about plastic waste

Topic Selected: Waste and Recycling Book Volume: 385

Look around you, how much plastic can you see right now? 

Chances are you’re drinking from a coffee cup which might be plastic coated, using a plastic phone case. Even the pen on your desk is almost certainly plastic. 

Plastic today really does make the world go around. 

However, over the coming years things will have to change. 

Thanks to things like the ‘David Attenborough effect’, many people are starting to really understand the impact of plastic waste and have been influenced to make a change. 

Governments are banning single use plastics around the world, and many companies are trying to pre-empt this by introducing bans themselves such as Guinness banning any plastic from their packaging. 

Shops from Iceland to Ikea are making moves to drastically reduce their disposable plastics over the coming years. Meanwhile, Kenya has imposed the toughest plastic bag ban yet, charging up to $38,000 or 4 years in jail for using them.

  1. A report in the Guardian has estimated that 8.3 billion...

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